I recently dared to send an email and ask around a varied mix of 200 people from my extensive contact list, what words best described my business and personal strengths and added a second question on ” however George……..” to allow them a little licence for the other side of my personal strengths

The responses were varied and some apply to building projects I have been involved with in the last 15 years and others were from personal friends and family were broader comments. I received over 40 responses which were very honest in their responses to both questions.

They give an overall view of who they all think I am .

I will leave you to read my blogs and form your own opinion over time. It is part of my journey with people following my wisdom blog

The main themes are displayed below.

  • Knowledgeable, likable, results oriented savvy manager who runs harmonious projects
  • Quiet achiever, who listens, assimilates and gently achieves
  • A person who is clinical in their approach and always articulate. Never one to raise his voice, very calming and relaxing to talk to, always thinking of the logical approach to solve problems
  • Absolutely prepared for the attention to detail but have the helicopter approach as well. Go Figure
  • Extremely perceptive and intuitive. Able to express insights very clearly
  • You cant sit still, You must see results every day. You want responses and results. you had a better understanding of my desired “operations”. Professional and understands operational requirements.
  • Experienced and wise construction industry big picture project manager – a man who that can manage larger projects and handle all construction related matters big or small
  • Very determined in pursuing his clients interests
  • efficient, knowledgeable, proactive, enthusiastic honest
  • Strong Development Project Manager who generally deals with big property transactions and needs urgent and business focused outcomes
  • Seeing whatever to completion, but at the same time would know when to walk away, decisive
  • Keeps the best Interests of the client at the forefront of his mind at all times

Some Testimonials on my Feng Shui Book

A Testimonial for my original feng shui book was posted on my Renovation Planning website www.therenovationplan.com by Sally T ( 15 November 2010)

I don’t have a project. I just wanted to thank Mr. Birdsall for the fabulous “The Feng Shui Companion”, which I found at my local library in the late 1990′s while living in the United States. I’d never heard of Feng Shui and was immediately mesmerized by the book. Since my youth, I’d always had a feeling that ‘the environment was everything’, and the book was a practical instruction on how to put the belief to work in my life. Although I have over 40 Feng Shui titles in my collection now, I often go back to the concise pages of The Companion to get clarification on principles.
Thanks for starting me off on my Feng Shui journey, one which has enriched my life and others’ too.

A testimonial from Amazon

  • Amazon recommendation on The Feng Shui Companion

    One of the feed back comments at Amazon is
    4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent introduction to this fascinating subject., June 12, 1997
    By A Customer
    This review is from: The Feng Shui Companion: A User-friendly Guide to the Ancient Art of Placement (Paperback)
    “As a Feng Shui consultant and lecturer myself I recommend this book for anyone wishing to gain an introduction into this fascinating subject. The reader can begin to apply the rules of Feng Shui straight away and begin to see the changes in their lives and the lives of their families and work colleagues”.

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